Online Outreaches To North America

This outreach is aimed at reaching over 20 million North Americans, providing them with free Christian materials. We have distributed free downloads of 282,928 ChristianRead more

Light Up Europe

We are taking the glow of God’s transforming message and lighting up Europe with the true power of the gospel. Join this chariot and sponsor the light-up Europe campaign.Read more

Outreaches to Southern Africa

So far, we have organized 11 MAJOR ONLINE CAMPAIGNS  and 6,120 members participated from nine countries in the southernmost part of the continent...Read more

Here For You

Everyone is on a journey, seeking hope and restoration and it is our mission to guide each and everyone in connecting more intimately with... Read more

Day of Lights

Every hour online, people are being bullied, harassed or influenced negatively with the wrong message. With the Day of lights campaign, we are...Read more