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TESTIMONY OF ANN NELSON FROM UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Praise God! The pain is gone from my right shoulder. Halleluiah!

TESTIMONY OF IFY KANU FROM NIGERIA My 7-year-old daughter just received the gift of speaking in tongues. She joined in during prayers & prayed fervently in the Spirit, Glory!

TESTIMONY OF KINGSLEY EHIREMEN EHIS WHO LIVES IN ITALY My testimony... I have been in the hospital for four days and because of consistent pains, I couldn't get up to even go to urinate... As Pastor prayed and said do what you couldn't do. I responded and got to take my bath and feeling so strong. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to join global fasting and praying.....I am EHIREMEN EHIS from Italy

TESTIMONY OF BLESSING GEORGE LIVES IN UNITED KINGDOM I used myself as a point of contact for my friend who had pains on his leg as a result of unexplainable blood clots. I called him after the prayers and he confirmed that the pain has gone. Hallelujah! Glory to God! I’m so excited...

TESTIMONY OF PRAISE FROM SOUTH AFRICA I got healed of arthritis on my left hand, the pain is gone! Praise God! Thank you Jesus! Thank you so much, Esteemed Pastor ma... Thank you Pastor Chris for this privilege sir! I love you sir!

TESTIMONY OF TOMMY THOMPSON FROM NIGERIA TESTIMONY: I am Thompson, a lawyer by training, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. I thank God for his love throughout the global fasting and Prayer with our man of God Pastor Chris. Before tonight’s meeting, I use to experience a black doted image in my left eye, it's always obstructing my view from the left eye, it always rotates on the direction that I move my eyeballs towards and as I noticed, the black stuff was enlarging by the day although it couldn't block my view completely, it has been disturbing me for over five years now but praise God! Hallelujah to Jesus, that when Pastor Chris ask us to receive healing while he prayed for us, immediately he said "I rebuke blindness " the stuff disappeared and I couldn't notice it any longer. My eyes are very clear now. God bless Pastor Chris!

TESTIMONY OF JOSEPH BHEME CHIRIGO FROM ZIMBABEWE Pastor while you were declaring of a woman with an ear that was producing a sound of whistling and it was as if I was almost dead for years now since 2005 but today the sound stopped and my ear feels so open like it had popped up. Thank you, Jesus, I am healed, praise be to God forevermore. Thank you, Pastor Chris

TESTIMONY OF ANDONA MILLER FROM MIDDLESEX JAMAICA Thank you, Pastor, for giving us such awesome revelation of the word, Pastor Chris is an anointed man of God feeding on his teaching on the word enlightens me in a new way I never had before even though I have been reading these scriptures over and over again. Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding of God’s word is what he conveys to us every day through Your Loveworld daily broadcast.

TESTIMONY OF ROCK BLEBU FROM GHANA Pastor sir, thank you So much for the teaching of the word of God. Please Pastor sir, you called a case during the April communion service saying there is a school teacher with pain in the neck and the spine always lying down and you are completely healed. Indeed I was the one you talked about. I testify today; I am completely healed and I can turn my neck to and fro and the pain in the spine is gone completely. Thank you dad. Your son Pastor Rock Blebu.

TESTIMONY OF RASHID FOLAWIYO FROM UNITED STATES OF AMERICA(USA) The Lord healed me from the dead before anyone else. It put me down for three weeks, four days of which l did not get off my bed. I have therefore devoted myself to searching for the truth about this deadly disease. I will be glad to have a word with Pastor Christ. He is saying the truth but it's beyond whatever l have heard everyone say. Stay blessed all of you

TESTIMONY OF EMMANUEL MANDE FROM MALAYSIA Blessings to you. During the Special Easter Sunday Service with our Man of God, he had prayed for healing for all those with shoulder pain. I was having shoulder pain for years- off and on; and the last one week it was so bad that I couldn't move my right arm! So when pastor was ministering, I received my healing! I could immediately move my arm with NO PAIN. Hallelujah! Glory be to God!

TESTIMONY OF TANIA JEANNETTE FROM NETHERLANDS Praise the Lord... my Name is Sis Tania from the Netherlands. In December 2019 I got a threat on my life because I stood against what was unjust in my eyes and since then I was evicted from my house and didn't have a place I can call my own to stay, I squatted most times with my elder sister living up to 4 hours away from CE Church and 5 hours from my workplace. Sincerely I was not very prayerful until February ( I was not praying up to 2 hours a day) but from the month of February I started praying more with Pastor Chris (Pray-a-thon every day) and the Holy Spirit prompted me to apply for an urgent house and I did but after I did, everyone that was assisting me said it was impossible to get the urgent house and they wanted to take away my daughter (Kemi) from me because I didn't have a house of my own but God changed my story because today I recieved a mail with a confirmation that I got the urgent house (I am the first person to get a house when one or more are available) Pastor Chris I'm grateful for the opportunity to pray, I haven't been able to go to Church Online on Sundays and every day I wake up early in the morning and I know I'm must pray but most times I have to whisper (pray quietly) because my child will wake up and my sister will tell me I'm noisy even though she is a Christian herself. Highly esteemed Pastor Chris, thank you it is all because of watching Your LoveWorld these past 6 weeks and praying for more than 2 hours daily with #pclprayathon2020. The Lord is using your esteemed MOG mightily in our lives. Blessed be God!

TESTIMONY OF ISHIMWE VICTORY FROM RWANDA Hallelujah God is good, Long before I used to pray but I didn't believe praying in other tongues, I thought it a mystery. But after reading the book written by the Man of God, I prayed about it and now I am a testimony that praying in other tongues is real. Thank you JESUS

TESTIMONY OF DHAKSHAYINI FROM INDIA Dear Brother/Sister, Words will fall short to say how thankful I am to Pastor Chris oyakhilome. I had a lump in my left breast for nearly 8mths, no matter what I did it was still there, even I did not eat food for 26 days(Nov 2019) & taught if I don't eat food those cells will die bcoz many doctors say by fasting many have got cure from cancer for those cancer cells to die. But the lump still existed after fast. In Feb 2020 as Pastor Chris oyakhilome prayed I went into an atmosphere of prayer in my room. The next day at noon I felt like checking if the lump is still there & to my amazement, no trace of a lump not only that God has blessed me more than that...I had cysts in both my breasts that has also completely disappeared and also I had severe pain just below my breasts if I touch it use to pain so badly, that pain has completely vanished. Actually the cysts and the pain had started in 2013, I have medical records of mammography & records of biopsy. And also I should say not only I am physically healed but also my soul is healed and spiritually I am so much blessed by the teachings of Pastor Chris oyakhilome. I really don't know what would have happened in my life if I was not blessed by Pastor Chris's prayers and teachings in my life. Thank You Sooooooo much, Pastor Chris, I love you so much. In Jesus' name, God Almighty bless you & your family & your ministry exceedingly abundantly for all the blessing u have been for me and for the nations of this world. Thank You so much. I love you so much.

TESTIMONY OF JENNIFER MALACKI FROM KENYA Thank you Pastor for all you're doing all around the world. I love you. I have a testimony, I had this burning sensation in my chest and throat for some months now. I received my healing when you prayed for the sick on Easter Sunday. Glory to God!

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