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ELLA BILLY NYIRENDA FROM MALAWI Thank You so very Pastor Sir, when You declared that this world will know God reigns because of what happened to the leaders opposing God, I so related like Pastor T.T because of how the elections have been in my country Malawi. It can only be God. Am so encouraged in my faith. Thank You Pastor Sir

PAUL-NDUKWE GRACE FROM CANADA It’s wonderful and refreshing to be in the midst of brethren and hear the word of God and pray to a prayer-answering God, the owner of the whole wide world. God bless the man of God and us all.

TESTIMONY OF AMEN FROM NIGERIA Thank you so much Pastor for teaching us the truth. I know how the 5g killed people because they have it in my place of work and many people just fall down and faint. Thank you, sir, your teaching really help me save my life. I really appreciate it. I love you, Pastor Chris.

TESTIMONY OF JOY EGBERI FROM UNITED KINGDOM I want to shout out my Thanksgiving to God!!! My baby girl Sophia has being healed of what the doctor said was meningitis, it started on the 4th of May 2020, Pastor Chris gave a word during one of the daily ministrations, he said "the period the enemy thought to waste in your life has been restored back to you", "you are healed in your neck, healed in your eyes and healed in your spine!". Sophia had stopped talking laughing, standing and walking but my gratitude is to God and to my man of God Pastor Chris Oyakilome. My baby girl is strong and healthy today after spending two weeks in the hospital, there is no deformity in her!!! Thank you Pastor Chris, I love you!

TESTIMONY OF MAYBIN FROM UNITED STATES OF AMERICA I just got healed as we were praying thank you Jesus

JULIE OBIANIKA FROM NIGERIA Thank you, Pastor. Oooh! What could we have done without you? May God continue to bless you and keep you from evil in Jesus mighty name Amen. Love you forever sir

LTOMI FROM NIGERIA (SALVATION) Thank you, Lord I am born again. Praise God for my salvation, This is the best decision of my life.

NEWTON KALABA FROM ZAMBIA Thanks, lots dear Pastor Chris for obeying the voice of the Spirit. I love sir and hope I will see you face to face one day before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

ALEX KONTOH FROM GHANA Good evening Pastor Chris, thank you for the outpouring of the word of God in this end time, it gives me strength, I love you, sir.

MARIA AMENZE IDUMWONYI LIVES IN KASSEL, GERMANY Wow! This is a bomb shell! Thank you sir for teaching us the word of God which is the truth. I love you

JOANN ROBEST LIVES IN FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA Thank You Pastor Chris GOD Bless You and all the Ministers on set with you. Shalom, Shalom Love you. Thank you for the Revelation of the Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge of the GLORY of GOD in Boldness not in fear but in the Power of the GLORY of God.