Words aren’t enough to thank God for all the things He has done in my life and family in the past few months. I had severe issues with my two eyes, it all started as a boil, but then it resulted to something else. When I went to the hospital, the doctor said I need to undergo an operation, if not my eyes won’t be normal again; fear griped me and I almost felt discouraged.  Then I carried my phone and started playing audio messages from Pastor Chris titled “Christ Consciousness”, I listened to it over and over again, then my faith was stirred and I said to myself surely there is an end to this eye issue and the end is now. Day after day, I placed my hands on both eyes and declared my healing in Jesus name, though it seems there was no improvement physically but I believed I am healed.

Few weeks later, I woke up from the bed and I found out the boil was no longer there, and my eyes looked as if nothing ever happened. Incidentally the doctor saw me on the road side and he looked at my eyes and he said “did you undergo any operation”? And I said “God is greater than science and every medical cases”. Even my family where marveled at the restoration of my sight and my finance bloomed as if I owned a company.

Also in the year of triumph God restored my family with health and life, in the previous years there was two death occurrence in my family, people began to make mockery of us and was asking where is my God, I laughed back at them and said “my God never sleeps neither does He slumber”. Today it’s a new dawn in my family, we grew from strength to strength, from health to health and from life to life.

Today my family is whole and restored. I give God all the glory and I thank Pastor Chris for such a marvelous audio messages and for impacting my life through the word of God. Because of your messages, I am a faith woman and I have discovered my rights in Christ Jesus, my life and my family is now a stream of joy, wealth, health, peace and abundance. Glory to God.