Hello Pastor, I thank the almighty for He is faithful, there is none like Him, His ways are perfect and with Him all things are possible. Last week Wednesday my husband was shortlisted for a driving job in two (2) different companies and the interviews were scheduled for yesterday.
By the Grace of God he got a job after a year of struggling. He is now on orientation and as soon as he gets his own truck to drive will let you know.
What a Mighty God we serve! Since the day we received the Holy Spirit our lives has never been the same. My hopes where made anew. The way l feel or see things has changed.

Holy Spirit- what a wonderful treasure God gave without measure. We used to sing this song in primary school and the words are now in my life. Who is like Jehovah! I will spread the Word of God, preach the Gospel without any fear or prejudice for the Lord has shown abundant love and unmerited favors to me. I thank you Pastor Chris and your team very much.
May the good Lord continue to bless you. l am really grateful. l thank the almighty God and will praise Him day and night. It happened so simple and easy. Surely Christianity is the way. Praise be to God! Glory to God!